TEDxRoseburg 2021 Livestream Replay

The replay is available in 2 parts. The first part has 8 speakers and 1 performance and the second part has 4 speakers. Each video is being edited to shorten any interruptions and will include timestamps along the bottom of the video. If you do not see them at the time of viewing, please wait 24 hours while our editing finalizes and the timestamps are approved. 

Thank you for joining us in this powerful endeavor! We hope you enjoy the talks.

Andre Larsen and the TEDxRoseburg team


Part 1

5:15 Ross Anderson’s To Grasp at Meaning
23:58 Halie Cousineau’s What a Seed Can Grow
41:40 Break time
Jane Marino’s How to Collaborate with Nature
Haley Smith’s Banking on the Future | How Saving Seed Can Save Us All
1:38:38 Lu Harlow’s performance
Susan Rochester’s Reimagining an Inconvenient Line
Danielle Costa’s A Race Against Time | The Key to Reading Fluency
2:31:03 Lunch and sponsor shoutout
Stephanie Newman’s How to Prevent Your Child’s Digital Kidnapping
Rebekah Melton’s Creating a Culture of Volunteerism and Community-minded Youth
4:17:05 Break and end video. Please start part 2.

Part 2

2:54 Bob Dannenhoffer’s Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Pandemic
19:15 Juliete Palenshus’s Creating a Culture of Well-being
37:44​ Break time and sponsor thanks
49:58 Aaron Larsen’s impromptu speech and volunteer thanks
1:06:00 Samantha Starns’s Elope Your Life
1:24:28 Robert Johnson’s Fairly Unfair