TEDxRoseburg In-Kind Donations & Partnering

TEDx events are independently organized events by a member of the community. All items, speakers, volunteers, and services at the event are made possible solely because of the goodwill of the community. We are looking for cash donations as well as in-kind donations. TEDx is specific about having partners of TEDx pay for items in-kind so you know where you are donating money and why. We are looking for cash donations as well as in-kind. To learn more about what is included in the sponsorship as well as to learn about providing a monetary donation, please fill out the form at http://www.tedxroseburg.com/partners/

This event’s licensee is co-organizer of the non-profit Full Bloom Foundation. A non-profit that is dedicated to helping serve the community with events that cultivate relationships within a community to spark partnerships and inspire growth and action.

The following items can be donated or loaned to Full Bloom Foundation for the use of the TEDxRoseburg event in 2017 and all subsequent events. You will receive an invoice from the foundation for your in-kind donation. Please have all items mailed to 950 SE Oak Avenue, Roseburg, Oregon and email Andre Larsen at sponsorship@tedxroseburg.com.

Tables, Chairs, Tablecloths ( $182 )

This is a catered event and because it is the same day as the Shrek musical… we must provide tables and chairs for the event. Deposit is paid and they are reserved. We must only pay for the remainder to complete the order. We are renting these through Party Time in downtown Roseburg. The above amount is for the remainder of the rental cost after deposit.

Black Water Bottles ( <$750 )

These water bottles are going to be used for years to come to inspire attendees to think beyond More Than Words. We are asking for water bottles because they can be used for multiple years, can spread the word that this event isn’t stopping with just one event, and that we are dedicated to helping this community thrive.

Swag Bags for Guests ( <$500 )

What TEDx event would be complete without goodies from our sponsors and community? We don’t think ours could as it is a great way to highlight how much our community is more than a word – it’s a lifestyle. We, as TEDx organizers, and the community are dedicated to inspiring our community, helping our community grow, and giving gifts that provide memories and cherished treasures for a lifetime. These bags are to be given to all of our guests for the live event and will be filled with goods.

Two-Way Projection Screen ( <$200 )

Every TEDx event needs a great screen to display powerpoints and amazing pre-recorded talks. This two-way screen will allow the team to present them without a projector in front. We are looking to rent or borrow this if one can not be purchased.


Short-Throw Projector (~$1500 )

This short-throw projector means the team will be able to show high resolution slides and movies during the event. We also looking to rent or borrow this for the event. The short-throw projector allows us keep the projector close and the brightness of 6000 lumens ensure high quality slides for our presenters.

Meet and Greet + Wine Tasting & Dinner ( ~ $3500)

We are pleased to have a speaker present on Wine and climate change and would love to have our guests meet him, as well as our other speakers, for a lovely dinner and wine tasting. The wine will be served and provided by SOWI, the program for UCC where students learn to make wine (the servants will also serve wine for this course) and the dinner will be provided by RiverRush Catering. Lunch is sponsored by our community businesses.