“More Than Words”
In times of turbulence and tragedy, it takes more than words for individuals to come to together as a community to transform hope into healing. Similarly, in times of triumph, it takes more than words to deliver success from throes of defeat. It takes action. Meaningful and significant action, often manifested from transformational ideas vividly illustrated by our words. Our words matter, for they are the seeds from which the fruit of monumental change can bloom. When do words become life-changing ideas? How do they become “More Than Words”?

The mission of TEDxRoseburg is to be a garden of ideas that will spread and seed the world’s communities with an abundance of inspiring instruction for positive, life-altering change. Our goal is to present talks on issues that matter to our community and to grow genuine discussion and action that will help us thrive.

This year’s conference will take place in July 2017 (exact date TBD). To be considered as a possible speaker, please review the selection process, commitments and guidelines below. After that, please click the button at the bottom of the page to fill out and submit our online application. The application deadline is January 7th, 2017.
TEDXRoseburg Speaker Selection Process
Step 1: Submit a speaker application using the online form below. The committee will review all applications and select a number of finalists for further consideration.

Step 2: If you are chosen as a finalist, you will be required to present a 3- 4 minute live audition discussing your proposed topic in front of the speaker selection committee in the third week of January 2017 (Instructions will be sent to finalists). Those unable to make the live audition will be given the opportunity to submit this talk to the speaker committee in video form. Speakers will be selected from the finalists in addition to any speakers that are directly invited to be on the program.

*Preference will be given to applicants with ties to Douglas County, Oregon.

The deadline to submit the speaker application is January 7th, 2017. Finalists will be chosen and notified by January 10th, 2017.

Below you’ll find the TEDxRoseburg speaker commitment requirements and guidelines. We ask that you please review this information before applying.

Speaker Commitment
Presenting your idea on a TEDx stage is an honor and a privilege. After presenting you will be forever known as a TEDxRoseburg speaker. All presentations will also be video recorded and uploaded online to be viewed by people all around the world. Being a TEDxRoseburg speaker is also a serious commitment. We want you to have the most powerful, brilliant talk you’ve ever had. To do so requires hours of effort and rehearsal, responsive communication, and meeting a variety of deadlines. If any of this criteria is an issue, please let us know.

Deadlines: At specific deadlines as the event nears, you will be required to submit a variety of information, such as a biography, talk outline, and pertinent slides. These deadlines are imperative as we cannot plan the conference without them. *Failing to meet deadlines may result in dismissal from the speaker lineup.

Collaboration: As speakers, you agree to work alongside TEDxRoseburg organizers to help present your idea. Though you may know your topic the best, we know our attendees and TEDx’s purpose, and only through working together can we best present your idea. Please be aware that egos have little place at TEDxRoseburg.

Attendance: You’ll be expected to be present throughout the duration of the conference as attendees, partners, and other speakers will want to further explore you idea. Please be sure you are available and engaged during the day-long conference. You also will be required to attend a dress rehearsal in Roseburg prior to the conference. You may also be required to rehearse your talk with organizers in person, via Skype, or in a Google Hangout.
Below you’ll find specific requirements and guidelines for our speakers:

Provide publicity materials including a high-resolution photo (‘headshot’) that is at least 600x600px.
All speakers are assigned a speaking coach and will be assigned deadlines to rehearse your talk. No exceptions.
Attend sessions with our volunteer speaker coaches as required.
More sessions are available to speakers from our volunteer speaker coaches and many speakers benefit from this opportunity.
Attend mandatory rehearsals close to the date of the event.
Build slides for your presentation with the assistance of our volunteer graphic artist, work with revisions and finalize them two weeks prior to the event. Presenters must have copyright ownership of any images or video included in their talks. If you use an image under a Creative Commons license, cite the source at the bottom of the slide.
Work with the TEDxRoseburg team to create a short bio for the program and other marketing materials.
Plan to stay at the TEDxRoseburg event all day (not just for your talk slot). Our attendees will have questions and will want to discuss your presentation more with you.
Remain responsive to various phone calls and email correspondence in the weeks prior to and after the event.
If you are selected to be a speaker, you are required to sign a release giving TEDxRoseburg the rights to video and to post your talk online.
Enjoy the journey!
Guidelines for TEDxRoseburg Talks
Make sure your talk fits the theme, “More Than Words”.
TEDx is a global brand and some subject matter is inappropriate for TEDx (no political or religious agendas, pseudoscience or commercial promotions), or the pitch (TEDx is very strict on commercial promotions appearing in a TEDx talk). Presenters will not be paid for their talks, or be a sponsor of the event.
A TEDxTalk is a story with a beginning, middle and end. It takes the listener on a journey and provides an insight into the subject that they did not have before. It is not a conversation, sales pitch or rant. It is not an expression of an opinion.
Keep it family friendly. No profanity or vulgar language will be tolerated on the TEDxRoseburg stage.
Show us the real you. Share your passions, dreams, fears and curiosity for the subject.
Make complex concepts plain and easy to understand. Don’t try to dazzle or speak in abstractions. Give examples, tell stories and be specific. Use visuals, props, data and stats.
Connect with the audience. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Invite us to think creatively or view something in a new way. Be interactive.
Speakers are not allowed to sell from the stage. Not your company, products, books or need for funding. Unless we have specifically asked you to, do not talk about your company or organization. Remember, it’s about the idea worth spreading. A TEDx talk is not a commercial platform for your career, company or creative endeavors. You take the stage and stand on the red circle for the love of sharing an idea. This is a zero-tolerance policy that will be enforced at all times.
TEDx Talks are not “after dinner” talks, instructional talks, product pitches, seminars, or presentations that have been given elsewhere. Packaged speeches are rarely selected.
Share a dream, show a new wondrous thing or share something that has never been shared before. Do something the audience will remember forever. Share an idea that could change the world.
Check your ego. Boasting, bragging and flaunting your ego is a sure way to switch off the audience’s attention. It’s great to talk about failures as well as successes. But remember, it’s about the idea worth spreading.
Memorize your talk. TEDxRoseburg speakers are not allowed to read talks from stage notes or use a podium.
Talks are to remain between 6 – 18 minutes. Going over time steals the stage from those who follow you. We won’t allow that. If you exceed your time, the coordinator will ask you end your talk immediately.
Have a GREAT time!

The entire TEDxRoseburg organizing team is here to help you with any kind of information or preparation you may need. We will also help you blend your talk into the theme.

You do not need to have the whole talk crafted and ready to go before you apply. We will help you create and refine the talk. Right now, we just need to know your idea worth spreading. Begin your research by viewing our speaker resources then apply below.