“Can We Prevent Major Mental Illness Through Early Identification and Treatment?”

Dr. Melton earned his Ph. D. in 2012. Dr. Melton is the clinical director of the EASA Center for Excellence at Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health at Northwest Christian University.  In addition to his academic work, he provides clinical consultation to early intervention with mental illness programs nationwide.  Dr. Melton has published multiple papers and textbook chapters and has presented at multiple conferences. Dr. Melton’s research focus is on the impact of interventions with individuals experiencing early schizophrenia, engagement strategies, reducing duration of untreated illness, and feedback informed treatment.

Dr. Melton also has a private practice in which he supervises mental health clinicians for licensure and provides training on diagnosis and evidenced based mental health practices.  He is a strong advocate for the health care needs for individuals with mental illness.

In his TedEx talk Dr. Melton will discuss the life changing impact of early recognition and intervention with young people who are experiencing the early signs of schizophrenia. The audience will to recognize the early symptoms of schizophrenia and the interventions used to prevent the consequences of schizophrenia and help people with early signs have successful life outcomes.