“The Wonder Doors”

Kemberly Todd has her BA in Business Management and is 2013 Phi Theta Kappa UCC Graduate.  Kem moved to Roseburg, Oregon in 2000 to operate her small business and start a family with her husband Steven.  Kem works at UCC’s Small Business Development Center, connecting business owners with services and resources that help them to be successful. Engaging the public is passion of Kem’s and she participates in speaking competitions and serves on the Toastmasters board.  When Kem was 15, she was entrusted with the “Big Sister Award” from her church, recognizing her friendly nature and desire to orchestrate fun.  Always ready to choreograph a dance routine, be the lava monster, or go late night roller skating, Kem calls herself an “Accomplished Auntie.”  A self-confirmed show off, Kem is also a Zumba and Aqua Zumba Instructor and is attempting to design a new Dance-walking workout.  She likes travel, hike, geocache, swim and make new friends and conversation with people nearby, which can embarrass her children.