“Nourish Beyond Nutrition”

Jennifer Wood has worked for the Oregon State WIC program since 2014 after earning her degree in dietetics from San Francisco State University. She completed her dietetic internship through Utah State University. Through her years at WIC Jennifer has counseled hundreds of families through early childhood feeding, including picky eating. She was drawn to the field of pediatric nutrition after learning the profound affects of maternal health and nutritional status on the life of the child. Jennifer further learned the importance of encouraging good eating for children in ways that build their confidence and self-esteem. Jennifer’s TED talk will discuss the unspoken aspect of feeding children and will cover the importance of the feeding relationship, modeling, and peer influence. Jennifer hopes to enlighten parents and the community on the harms of the “clean plate club” and compulsive snacking. Jennifer offers information on raising healthy children through what they eat and how they feel; she is excited to bring her knowledge about early childhood feeding to the TEDx stage.