“Climate, Grapes, and Wine”

Dr. Gregory V. Jones is the Director of the Division of Business, Communication and the Environment and a professor and research climatologist in the Environmental Science and Policy Program at Southern Oregon University. He specializes in the study of climate structure and suitability for viticulture with a focus on how climate variability and change influence grapevine growth, wine production and quality worldwide. He conducts applied research for the grape and wine industry in Oregon and has given hundreds of international, national, and regional presentations on climate and wine-related research. He is the author of numerous book chapters, reports and articles on wine economics, grapevine phenology, site assessment methods for viticulture, climatological assessments of viticultural potential, and climate change. His talk will cover the important connections between climate and agriculture with a focus on growing grapes for wine production. The talk will look at how climate change has and will likely continue to alter the global wine map and has helped make the Umpqua Valley of Oregon a world-class wine region.