“Togetherness Without Tragedy”

After a 25 year radio career, Brian Prawitz started his own marketing firm in 2015. As a tenant at The Loft in downtown Roseburg, Brian has been inspired by the energy and optimism of the entrepreneurs he spends time with on a regular basis. Brian’s involvement in the community began with his role as a news and sports announcer, where getting involved in causes was his favorite part of the job. He currently serves in an advisory role with UCC Strong. In addition to his opportunity to speak at TEDx Roseburg, Brian was recently elected to the Roseburg City Council and has been selected to represent Douglas County in the American Leadership Forum, beginning this summer.

Brian’s TedTalk is titled ‘Togetherness Without Tragedy’. In it, Brian discusses how we might collectively find unity without the need for tragedy to serve as the motivating force.