Stay tuned for 2021’s TEDxRoseburg speaker lineup

We will be announcing the 2021 TEDxRoseburg speakers every Monday and Wednesday through September and October 2020.

Our theme for 2021 is “Ripples”. The theme revolves around the ideas of community, togetherness, and lasting impact.

For each speaker, we asked them to describe their ripple-effect journey to the TEDxRoseburg carpet in 3 words/short phrases. Example for someone speaking on child nutrition in food deserts = (Kansas native > Mom > Child wellbeing)

Want to know more, click the photograph to reach each speaker’s bio.

Sam Starns

Explorer >
Adventure Elopement Photographer >

Ross Anderson

Climbing Trees >
Capoiera >

Danielle Costa

Dyslexic Daughter >
Precision Teaching >
Kids Succeeding

Haley Smith

Oklahoman >
Researcher >
Healthy Ecosystems

Stephanie Newman

Social Media Junkie >
Mother >
Children’s Privacy Rights

Robert Johnson

Destitute >
Opportunity >

Susan Rochester

Oregon Artist >
Draws New Maps >
Redefines Lines

Bob Dannenhoffer, MD

Medicine >
Preparedness >

Have an idea worth sharing?

We want to continue hosting this event after TEDxRoseburg’s 2021 event “Ripples” and are always open to hearing ideas that can change the world. If you are interested in presenting a talk for a future event, here’s some details you want to know and consider.

TEDxRoseburg is an event where speakers will give individual talks on many topics, backed by science, data, and personal experience. The talks are chosen for their content and for being an idea worth spreading, having the possibility to change the world. For examples of past talks, check out our archives here.
TED is a global brand, and many ideas presented at TED talks have spread worldwide. It’s a great opportunity and privilege to be selected to speak on a TEDx stage. And to be upfront, it’s also a lot of work! There are rounds coaching, rehearsals, and reviews provided to help speakers hit it out of the park when they get on stage for their big moment.

Here are a few considerations:

— Talks must strictly adhere to TED guidelines.

— Speakers are not paid for their talks and are not compensated for any travel expenses.

— Sponsors may not bespeakers.

— TEDx speakers may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves or businesses.

— Every talk’s content must be original and speakers must give credit where appropriate. Speakers cannot plagiarize or impersonate other persons, living or dead.

If you are interested in being a future speaker, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to our team at