Rebekah Melton, EdS is a licensed school psychologist practicing in Douglas County. Rebekah earned her graduate degree in school psychology from the Graduate Counseling Education Program at George Fox University. She holds a bachelors in psychology from Bushnell University. Professionally, Rebekah provides psychological and educational evaluations, behavioral consultations, academic recommendations, instructional data analysis, social skills instruction, counseling and program reviews for school districts. Rebekah is passionate about advocating for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. She is motivated in creating connections with youth that do not feel heard or valued in their relationships with adults and helping them to develop confidence and self-advocacy skills. 

Outside of her profession, Rebekah serves on a variety of nonprofit boards, alumni organizations, and committees. She is an avid volunteer, donating hundreds of hours of her time annually to a variety of causes. In one of those efforts, she co-facilitates a county-wide 4-H leadership group for teenagers, focusing on community service projects, assisting other nonprofit groups, organizing events, and serving as ambassadors for the County’s 4-H program. Her volunteer “spark” is easily lit for programs aimed at youth finding their strengths or providing opportunities for underrepresented populations. 

At home, Rebekah is often found chasing (or riding) a variety of 4-legged animals around her property and barns with her daughters, Hannah and Joelle. She enjoys traveling, camping, cooking, wine tasting, strategy games, and sharing a love of geeky franchises with her family.