Halie Cousineau just finished a year of service with AmeriCorps as the School Garden Coordinator for Douglas County. Her time in that position inspired her upcoming TED Talk and helped her make Oregon home.

Halie grew up in New England, spending most of her time outside playing in the saltwater or snow with her family. As an adult, she used Athens, Ohio as her home-base between trips around the world for school, pleasure, and work. While Halie went to university for Photojournalism and Anthology, she found herself drawn to sustainable agriculture. She later went back to school for a Masters in International Studies, with a focus in Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia.

Yet throughout her academic and professional career, she continued working in sustainable agriculture. Halie intends to combine her experiences and passion for international work, sustainable agriculture, and education, through a Ph.D. and intends to start an international Non-profit.