“Your Best Life at Any Age”

Paula Marie Usrey is an associate professor of communication and has taught at Umpqua Community College for thirteen years. She is passionate about helping empower others so they can live life to the fullest.

Having grown up nearly scared speechless and with no direction in life, she knows first-hand what it is like to struggle with making positive changes that could lead to a more positive future. She struggled in nearly every area of her life. Without clear direction, Paula also had numerous jobs including positions in insurance claims, junior high teaching, marketing, grant writing, adjunct teaching, training and development, construction, nonprofit leadership, and research.

It was Paula’s position as an educational evaluation and assessment researcher that led to a surprising discovery. This discovery changed her life. This discovery is grounded in a research-based approach that has been used in classrooms for years. Paula learned how to modify this approach, use it in her own life, and is now sharing it with others. She looks forward to sharing this two-step approach that she calls vision mapping. Vision mapping is a process that anyone can use at any age to make positive changes and live a more satisfying life.