“Not All Who Wander Are Lost…They May Be Looking For A Letterbox”

Marisa Fink is on a lifelong learning journey and she wants to take as many people with her as she can. In her TEDxRoseburg talk, she will get us as intrigued as she is about letterboxing, a little known but growing outdoor activity where participants hide small, weatherproof boxes containing a logbook and a carved rubber stamp in publicly accessible places and post clues to finding the boxes online.
We’ll learn about the emergent interactions that occur in activities such as letterboxing and its cousin geocaching and how connections between participants, despite no organizing body or directive, result in new behaviors and new ways of thinking.
Marisa is the CEO/Executive Director of the YMCA of Douglas County in Roseburg. She earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in Adult, Higher and Community Education from Ball State University, Indiana, where she served on the Communication Studies faculty for four years. She published her research on emergent interaction in A Descriptive Study of Letterboxing in North America in 2006.