“Wild Connection: How Do We Connect With Animals?”

Leila Goulet is a Montreal born Zoologist with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences majoring in Wildlife Biology as well as a Bachelor of Education Degree specializing in Science. While she began as a high school science teacher, she transitioned into zookeeping , and eventually became an Education Director in a zoo setting.
She has traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand to garner more knowledge in her field and has acquired over 10 years animal care experience working directly with large carnivores, elephants, ungulates, birds of prey, reptiles and small mammals at various zoos across Canada and the United States. To date, she has over 10 years high school teaching experience and her true goal is wildlife education and conservation, including initiating programs that bring the public into close proximity with animals. Working with animals and teaching about the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation is her passion.
She is currently the Director of Education at Wildlife Safari.

We have all had an experience with an animal at some point in our lives…how have these experiences shaped the way we view and interact with living things? What can we do to be the voice of so many vanishing species? In this talk, personal wildlife conservation stories will be explored, calling on others to connect with the animal life around us.